• The Challenger
  • Has released clear, coherent mayoral plan, including budgeting initiatives.
  • Major concern: poverty.
  • Believes in incentivizing wage growth through credits and grants, to support small business and employess alike.
  • For diversifying the police department and adding proper number of police officers.
  • Committed to freeze the property tax, to halt rising unaffordability.


  • The Sitting Mayor
  • Has no mention of any plans for city on campaign website. (
  • Major concern: equity.
  • Against minimum wage increase in 2016. Extremely for it in 2017 (election year).
  • Disastrous relationship with police department (see: Delmonico appointment)
  • Not willing to commit to property tax stablity.


  • A Councilmember
  • Vague “vision” consisting of principles, no mention of funding.  (
  • Major concern: housing.
  • Against minimum wage referendum in 2016. Extremely for it in 2017 (election year).
  • Wants to reduce officer beats, but no details on how.
  • Not willing to commit to property tax stability.

"I, Aswar Rahman,
American, immigrant, food-stamp-fed,
Southside-welcomed, Northeast-raised, 

Northside-matured, Southwest-educated, 
vow to direct four years of unrestrained energy and 
every resource of the Office of Mayor
to fight poverty in Minneapolis,
in all its forms.

This is big, I know. 
Let me at it."