The #Aswarmobile is our campaign office and “the living room of the city.” Fitted with couches, an office desk, and open to everyone, the #Aswarmobile is a symbol of the transparency and directness that makes for brilliant leadership.

#Futchka! is our campaign puppy! Well, she’s really just Aswar’s puppy, but she loves people, so we bring her along whenever she’s not tuckered out. Tenacious, warm, and always looking to help, Futchka keeps our spirits high even on the muggiest of days.

Come visit the #Aswarmobile! It’s the living room of your city, and a great chance to meet the next Mayor of Minneapolis.

"I, Aswar Rahman,
American, immigrant, food-stamp-fed,
Southside-welcomed, Northeast-raised, 

Northside-matured, Southwest-educated, 
vow to direct four years of unrestrained energy and 
every resource of the Office of Mayor
to fight poverty in Minneapolis,
in all its forms.

This is big, I know. 
Let me at it."